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With every home, there’s regular maintenance that you can expect in order to keep it in it’s best shape. Peak Environmental is here to help you with the issues that might not be as clear cut as a leaky roof, but are equally important for the longevity of the house and your family’s satisfaction. 

Your Environmental Hazard Resource.

Our amazing team of technicians are the trusted experts on all environmental hazards from radon, mold, and water quality, to the complex mechanisms that help drive your pool or sewage systems.

If you’re purchasing a new home that requires one of our services, or you’re simply looking to make sure your current abode is still up to it’s proper livable standards, Peak Environmental is here deliver you peace of mind, and recommendations on remediation if needed.


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Radon is an invisible, odorless, but harmful toxin that can find it’s way into your home.

Mold is made up of  dangerous microbes that grow in damp areas of your home,  especially after a flood.

Have some peace of mind whenever you use the tap by requesting a water test in your home.

If you notice a backup in your home’s plumbing, a sewer scope may be needed to identify the blockage.

The pool is the hero of the summertime, make sure it’s in in great shape before your next cookout.

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Peak Environmental prides itself in being the trusted environmental partner of the DMV area.  Our technicians have a passion for finding solutions
and assisting clients to maintain a healthy home.

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Our team of qualified professionals are up to date on all mandated testing for all of our services.

Amazing Value

Paired with our industry-leading service, our team will ensure you get the most out of your inspection.

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Our amazing team of client care professionals will ensure that we're able to schedule at a time that works for you.

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