Home Water Testing

Basic Testing (Well Only):

  • 2 Metals
  • 2 Non-Metals
  • E.coli, Total Coliform

Pro Testing (Well or City Water *not included in city water tests*):

  • 29 Metals
  • 11 Non-Metals
  • E.coli*, Total Coliform*

Radon Screen Testing (Well or City):

  • Radiochemsitry
  • Radon (Groundwater)

Why Test Water?

Old pipes, Agriculture, Industry, and other sources can lead to contaminants finding their way into water. These contaminants have no color, no smell, and no taste

Those that live on an older property that receives water from a local well, you are solely responsible for making sure the water meets safe drinking standards. Local authorities will test at some public water facilities, but they don’t know what’s coming out of your faucet.

Most homes receive water that is tested and regulated from the local water treatment plant. The government is supposed to notify recipients if contaminants are found in the water, but the information might only be disclosed once a year.


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