Home Mold Testing

Mold can cause a variety of health issues, and those suffering from asthma or allergies are especially vulnerable. The best way to control mold is to control moisture.

In unforeseen events, such as floods or burst/leaky pipes, you might not be able to prevent growth in the exposed areas. Mold is most commonly found in areas prone to moisture, such as the basement and attic. 

Many people are affected by an allergy to mold, which can make inhaling or coming in contact with it, an uncomfortable experience given the possibility of a reaction. Mold can make it hard to breathe within your home.

What Is Mold Sampling?

Mold sampling can help determine if a larger problem is present in an affected area. Our team has the technology to take samples on the spot.

We work with local laboratories to get quick mold testing results.

We offer two types of sampling:

  1. Swab Sampling
    •  Swab samples can be taken off a surface.
    • The test will show whether or not the growth is mold and what type it is.
  2. Air Sampling
    •  Air samples can be taken in any room.
    • This sample will indicate if any, what type and how many mold spores are in the air.

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